About us

Since its establishment in 2008, Puojd, under the leadership of textile designer Michaela Bednárová, has been spreading colors and patterns on custom- made fabrics, giving the brand a unique and recognizable identity. Puojd is currently one of the most popular fashion brands in Slovakia. From the concept of streetwear products and accessories with Slovak motifs, we have moved towards creating conceptual collections with elements of high-end fashion because fashion and creativity know no boundaries.

Local production

Puojd is a brand that values quality, and therefore, all of our products are manufactured in European countries with a rich textile tradition. We produce our fabrics in certified companies (Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany), and we continuously seek out new manufacturers who share our values. Our garments are sewn in a small workshop in Slovakia.


Although the textile industry is one of the most burdensome on the planet, we strive to contribute to improving the situation. We create collections once every two years, which aligns with our Slow fashion philosophy. We sew garments in a “one size” style, with cutting patterns that generate minimal waste. With what remains, we create one-of-a-kind pieces. We don’t mass-produce garments in advance; instead, we repeat and subtly modify our cutting patterns.


Feel free to perceive Puojd’s creations as author’s, many products or substances are created by demanding processes and are often created in limited editions.

Our services

We enjoy operating at the boundary between design and conceptual art. Fashion is a statement, and that’s what we strive for in our collections.

Headquarters address:

Ateliér Puojd, Račianska 22/A, 83102 Bratislava
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